Interactions, Layout, & Custom Code

Webbed Dreams

A Webflow website made to display and promote the WebbedDreams NFT collection.


Synchronous Luxury Sales App

Broken Flowers

A webflow website to usher in a new industry, all tied to one message, "Send Flower, Save Flowers."


Ushering in a new opportunity for the blooming psychedelic culture, GenD envisioned, designed, and built TripSocial from scratch on top of Vatoms Spatial platform. Providing live conferencing to the global psychedelic and mind-body industry.

John Hardin

Why pitch a movie character when you can just introduce them? GenD teams up with Galactic Films to use ai to bring the historical character, John Wesley Hardin, to life.

Spiderdelic NFT's

Imitating a 1950's experiment on spiders, GenD generated thousands of images imagining the effects of psychedelic on spider anew.


GenD designed and is now developing TulipMania, a first of its kind mobile web-app for gifting virtual flowers.

Dynamic Globe

Millions of data points update in real time on a custom 3D globe where each data point is clickable, representing the user behind a donation. This GenD project will be a first-of-its-kind public engagement tool around dynamic data.

Generative Flowers

This GenD project brings the power of algorithmic art to life with a custom-built tool that generates thousands of 3D flowers.

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