Ulta Beauty: Exploding Into The Metaverse


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Ulta Beauty



1.2 Million users in the first week of release

440,000+ users played from beginning to end

Recently released, the Ultaverse is already a huge success. GenD created the game in partnership with Dplace.ai, who leveraged us to bring the project to fruition from concept to creation.
The Ultaverse is Ulta Beauty's first experience with Roblox or any metaverse. As one of the largest beauty brands in the world, it wasn't easy for them to put their finger on the right way to experiment with these new technologies. Treading the fine line between gamification, and a brand-first playground, allowed the brand to comfortably experiment with Roblox as a customer engagement outlet without compromising its identity.
And that's not all—the Ultaverse is just the beginning of our relationship with Roblox. We plan to build more immersive products that will allow us to reach even more of their audience and help them engage with our brand even more deeply.

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