The Metaverse for the Global Psychedelic Community


Metaverse Development


Lukas Hirsch



TripSocial is a global community built to host live-discussions and events centered around the frothy topic of psychedelic research, commerce, and legislation.

The project started from scratch. No name, no idea, no roadmap. From ideation to creation, GenD created the roadmap and designed the experience for the client. What started as an interest in a generative art project, grew into an ambition to create a global metaverse community centered around the profundity of the psychedelic experience.

Few agencies find such ambitious ideas viable, but we find those to be the most 'worthwhile.'

Along with ai generated membership art pieces, we executed on the design and creation of the entire metaverse. Broken into 5 main sections, an Art Gallery, a dome for meditation and courses, a history and current events library, a mystical garden, and an entrance zone to mingle. As well as an amphitheater to catch the speaker events in.

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