What's a Metaverse?

No, not Skynet. And not Zuckerbegs’s socially awkward prom, either. (We already went through that night once)

We believe the Metaverse is just the inevitable transition where humans value their digital identities as much as their psychical ones.

From digital wallets, to remote work and gamified play, this transition has been happening gradually. I mean, you’ve probably noticed you use tech a little more than your parents did at your age, right? 

But this next generation of the web is not inevitably a positive one. However, Webgl, CloudComputing, and ai utterly changing our user experiences is inevitable... it's up to us to make sure what comes next is better than what is. Thats why we started GenD! To make sure the experiences enabled by these technologies engage people with the awe-inspiring awesomeness of human ingenuity, not the horror and terror of a device-filled nightmare.

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This Tulip Does Not Exist: This GenD project brings the power of algorithmic art to life with a custom-built tool that generates thousands of 3D tulips, each with unique characteristics.

What is the GenD WebDesign Studio?

Full - Service

Creative coding; 3D modeling; full featured high-end Roblox initiatives; massively scalable Vatom Spaces; Smart NFTs for gamification and ongoing engagement; Algorithmic Generative Art; Online Community building and management. GenD is an industry leading production studio that creates the world's most engaging, massively scalable metaverse experiences.

3D & Video Production

We source, build and integrate AI algorithms and tools to harness the power of neural nets to create dazzling artistic expressions, to connect people more effectively, and to maximize measurable results.


We believe in the power of real-time 3D graphics for mass market community experiences for brands and artists. We combine world class expertise in open WebGL, Unity, and other toolsets, with video production, editing and effects, for stunning consumer experiences. 

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Digital Products

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Mobile. Together.

Unify is a social commerce tool allowing real-time collaboration among people making purchasing decisions.

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Social Product Configurator

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A collaborative mobile arena for course makers and instructors to engage their students

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A social tool for home buyers, apartment renters, and realtors.

GenD has the proven expertise to take on every aspect of your metaverse project, from project management to development and production. Most often, we engage from the ideation stage through completion, but can also augment existing teams to take on specific modules or experiences in collaboration. The GenD process is proven across multiple metaverse platforms. We recognize the need for seamless experiences that combine Smart NFTs, 1st Party Data acquisition, and environment moderation to ensure safe and productive consumer experiences. GenD is your "one stop shop" for all things metaverse.


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